We are absolutely delighted to appear at  Eden Festival for lovely adventures in Mumbai !

We shall start our first evening frolicking inside a blue flog with impossible film photobooth activities, jumping into an undercover boat afterwards and rolling around the terrace of a rooftop garden hotel sunday... 

We have the oppurtunity  to collaborate with local talent here !

Being able to work with Mumbai based stylist Gary Wallang has been incredibly inspiring, plus amazing costume designer Little Shilpa has such unique pieces we wanna eat them up. What About Art has sweetly been hosting and letting us work in their art space, not to mention their helpful coordination of  chaos.

We are equally impressed for the chance to collaborate with Bhavishyavani Future Soundz who has been in the game here for more then 15 years +++ responsible for introducing us to  all of these talented people to work with; casting India-based performance artists has added the much needed spice to our secret society. 

Magical is the fact that following our performance we will collaborate with Eden Festival and The Impossible Project to host an instant photography workshop with children.  We are so grateful to have been introduced to the Dharavi Art Room, here is a little mission statement about their project :

 "Anyone will tell you that despite the fact that mumbai’s biggest slums lie surprisingly close to its richest neighborhoods, mumbai’s upper and lower classes live completely disparate lives — lives that most often intersect only on the evening news or in newspaper articles. After brainstorming how best to tell the inside story of dharavi, we decided to create a photo-exhibit ( of images clicked by the kids from dharavi ) that will give those on the outside an intimate, first person perspective on life in dharavi. Over a period of eight years, we have worked with 5,000 + kids in Dharavi to come up with their stories of Dharavi. The workshops are a huge success thanks to the cameras we have been collecting from people who have taken very keen interest on the organic story-telling and documentation aspect of the people in communities undergoing forceful change."
please visit their facebook site and show some support here

 hello * MUMBAI 


the moderat concert was quite nice ++

but our favorite part was watching the visual magic that the pfadfinderei boys created...

projected onto a criss-crossed mesh screen, the lighting shot out into the audience as dappled light floated over faces and cast shadows on the balcony

thank you impossible project for the film 


Ready for a wild night out?

 We went over to Luise's house to have fun with the deliciously natural products 
from AmazingyMany of these treats will be available for you to play with in 
our beauty room during the grande opening of the 25h hotel in berlin ! 

First comes First. 

Let's take a bath.
 Soak away your sins and prepare for the long night ahead.
 We loved squishing around with the konjac body sponge
 which is completely made from a root. 
It naturally cleanses your skin, no need for anything else. Isn't that a little bit magic ?

Then we got to try the Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner
We loved the shampoo as the water in berlin is quite hard on the hair
 and this has citric acid which helps prevent calcium build up.

After our soaking session was our moisturizing moment:
This serum gave a cool tingly fresh kind of feeling around the eyes 
and the facial lotion was chock full of argan oil which we love. 

25% of the profits from their sales go towards the 
Berber women of Morocco who extract the oil by hand.

After facetime comes bodytime and we love love love this tasty treat! 
Pretty Peaushun gives your skin a delicious warm, shiny sheen and makes you 
wanna run around your room naked before you have to calm down and put your clothes on.

For nail action we tested the wraps from NCLA
these cute things are little stickers that you place on your fingers. 
They last forever and come in so many shapes and forms.

For late night adventure time we seriously like when our make-up is not too fussy. 
Something easy we can handle for touch ups when we are jumping around
 and dancing like shooting stars. For Luise's skin we used Hiro foundation powder in Blondie and champagne colored shadow called bubbles. 

For darkening the lashes we used Ilia mascara, and for those ruby red lips we used 
wild child mixed with some heartbeat. 

mmmmmrrooooarrrr now we are ready to rumble

Our final touch before we step out would be Abel. It's sexy spicy and completely unisex... 
you could spray this on boys or girls and everyone would feel the heat. 
The craziest thing is that it behaves like some sort of wild creature, 
 adapting to mix into your own personal smell.
Every piece of skin we sprayed became new territory... Indeed it is one of the ONLY completely organic perfumes out there. Even the packaging is sourced from 
old rail carriages from a local woods craftsman. 

dum de dum da num.. then .. the morning after comes !
eeeeek.. how to recover from all your ridiculous shenanigans?
well well... not so hard.

 We made this delectable face mask by grabbing some lemon soy yogurt (still has all those healthy probiotics) from our favorite bio market and mixing it with almond milk, honey and a spoonful of this yummy stuff:


Then crawl back into your bed for some rest and relaxation, but before you do this put these little tea bag treasures on the bottom of your feet. These magic friends stimulate the blood circulationand absorb all the silly toxins while you drift off into sleepy town

We hope to see you crawling inside our installations the next two days. 
Better come prepared *


It is with great honor that we announce our collaboration with The Impossible Project for the grande opening of the 25h hotel in Berlin... during the next two days we will be running wild with some furry friends whilst inviting you for sneak peaks into hotel rooms we have specially set-designed.

These are some images we shot during our teaser video ... we took these shots with the golden frame film that impossible designs for our favorite darling of a camera, the sx-70.


our dear ivi celebrated her fashion weakness party at anita berber last week
many thanks to the sofortbild-shop which gave us impossible project film to cover in red lipstick kisses


dearest Dani just got married to her wonderful ladylove in mexico
here are some polaroids of her bachlorette in berlin