a Bulgarian love affair .. ..

Crystalmafia meets Jessicat at Studio 414
a musical molotov cocktail:

Follow Jessicat and Kieran as they spread their wings and fly to Sofia, Bulgaria. Walk with them down the cobble stone streets and warm the night with wine and dancing... These hostess with the mostess want to woo you into submission and teach you the ways of dominating Bulgarian style...
Fusing tastes that cross genres and blend eras, these two possess a style that can not be replicated. They play disco dramas that sex up the dance floor. They will move your hips and tap your toes.

These girls truly are a sight to be heard and sound to be seen!

CRYSTALVOIN presents: Night of the Hunter

Dark times call for dark measures.. This is the story of an International love affair; Where Less is more and crime is not punished .. We will use our Voodoo power to tell a tale of black and white, good and bad. So Come, my little lambs, Stand in line to be cast in our play, Crystalmafia Meets Voin de Voin at Lessizmore - Fuse in Brussels

Bordel Goes to the Big Top

Come One, Come All! We will jump through fire and tell your fortune, we will charm snakes while we dance under the big top with the bearded lady. Join Crystalmafia, Jessicat and Dadadisco at Pret a Diner for Bordel D'es Arts .. So Step RIght Up! With Our very Own Rubina Rouge to hypnotize and tantalize and SideShow Smashley taking Shots of Whiskey and Shots of You! When you've had your fill, Look for the spot light and Follow the Ring Master to the after party at Levee club..


i put a spell on you ...

something wicked this way comes,
are we sheep in wolves clothing, or wolves in sheep's clothing?
make a choice and you will see,
follow the smoke and black magic with crystalmafia
on the dreamboat down by the riverside..