Crystalmafia meets Casiokids

Casiokids are awesome:

Old analogue, trashy keyboards and pop melodies make up the Norwegian electro-troupe that is Casiokids. With tunes often sung in their native language and influenced by afro-beat, techno and out-and-out pop, the band draws similarities and takes inspiration from Paul Simon's "Graceland", Ivor Cutler, New Order, King Tubby, Bob Hund, Cornelius and Fela Kuti.

Casiokids in Berlin @ Postbahnhof
Freitag, Januar 28 um 08:00 Uhr


Crystalmafia wants to help you get lucky..
we hold the key to the Casiokids and we will give it to
the first 6 to respond to our challenge...

step one: take a photo of yourself before the party
step two: go have a lot of fun
step three: take another photo when you come home
step four: send it to crystalmafia
the winners will get a free ticket to the casiokids show

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