I have a secret stash of original polaroid 600 in my refrigerator. 
It's my biggest treasure...but now I am down to the last few packs. 

Every shot I take holds so much potential and nostalgia. And it's very true- you must hold the film close to your body as it is developing. So most of the time I put it under my clothes to keep it safe.

This is the evening Meghan took me to the best party I had been to in years. 
These polaroids happened directly before the magic moment.


The sweet ones from I EAT YOU have created a wonderful fantasy full of beautiful siberians with dried flowers on their heads serving delicious tastes whilst solving riddles. 

Your future can be predicted with a wonderful card reading. You sip on wine and watch the dreamy interior of birch trees as you stare longingly at your lover's face by candlelight.

Live performances happen every evening with the musical styling of dear Miss M.E

This is a very special treat not to be missed.
Reserve you table now as this forest only appears every once in a blue moon.