Baby wants to ride..

Crystalmafia meets Luzia

4 year anniversary party!

Beauty and the Beast: a fetish feast. An evening to take it all off and let it all out. Let's release the inner beast and become the beauty...
We will be sporting our favorite fetish and entertaining the masses on the double dutch bus!

free shuttle from luzia to the location

Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels)
John Roberts (Dial, Laid, Feel Music)
Mike Shannon (Wagon Repair)
Britta Arnold (Bar25)
The Sorry Entertainers & 22Rockets (Shitkatapult/ Wilde Renate)
Hrdvsion, Mano Le Tough & The Drifter (Wagon Repair/ Internasjonal, Mirau)
Demir & Seymen (Highgrade Records)

Aerea Negrot (Bpitch Control/ Hercules & Love Affair)
The journey to the feathered sun feat Nu & Raz Ohara
John Roberts (Dial, Laid, Feel Music)