LESSIZMORE celebrates 7 Years

Surry down to a stoned soul picnic. 
There'll be lots of time and wine. 
Red yellow honey. 
Sassafras and moonshine.

Come to the LESSIZMORE birthday picnic tonight!

Lessizmore celebrates 7 years @ CHALET CLUB

23H00 - Till late.

FRIVOLOUS live (Cadenza / CA)
JIN CHOI live (Private Gold, Lessizmore / DE)
DILO live (Igloo recs, Lessizmore / ARG)
DEWALTA (Haunt Music, Vakant / DE)
CLOVIS (Lessizmore, Culprit, Adjunct / US)
PIERRE (Fuse, Lessizmore / BE)
dOP dj set (Circus Company / FR)